After 5 years of cloud native practices with docker compose

Abdennour Toumi
2 min readJul 16, 2021


July 2016, i ran the first container on production.

July 2021 and after 5 years, i decided to celebrate by putting a new course which summarises this experience : Practical Cloud Native with Docker and Docker Compose.

This course is little bit different than other courses in docker because of the following:

  • Extreme practical course — 10 projects
  • Focusing on cloud native transformation using docker compose as tools for that transformation and not the opposite
  • Touching 12factors practically when using docker compose
  • Showing that docker compose is the first steps to figure out how to run the app on kubernetes.
  • Demonstrating that docker compose is the facade/interface between dev and ops, between dev and devops
  • Practicing container image security
  • focusing on delivering high-qualified & optimised container images
  • Ending by a graduation project which is a set of guided assignments.

Feel free to take a look at the course description for in depth details about it :

Happy learning!



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