Ansible Bootcamp Course from Zero to Hero

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Why ?

  • Simplify Ansible going from zero to hero while keep it short as much as I can.
  • Include funny explanations about the concepts of Ansible using metaphors: Starting from your background, to communicate the message to you very well
  • Extreme Hands-on with assignments
  • Exclude Advanced topics in a separated section to let the student focus on the core concepts of Ansible
  • Marriage between Ansible and other Techs ( AWS, Kubernetes, Docker, Jenkins,… etc)
  • Up-to-date Course using Ansible 2.9


Course Topics:

  1. How to prepare a Lab Environment to play with Ansible
  2. Ansible Modules — from scratch
  3. Ansible Adhoc command
  4. Ansible Playbooks
  5. Ansible Variables — Global Scope
  6. Ansible Variables — Play Scope
  7. Ansible Variable — Host Scope
  8. Ansible Inventory — Expanding the inventory
  9. Ansible Task Control ( if-else, for loop,..)
  10. Jinja2 Templates
  11. Ansible Vault [ Not Hashicorp Vault :) ]
  12. Ansible Roles
  13. Install Jenkins with Ansible
  14. Install Docker Engine with Ansible
  15. Install a Kubernetes Cluster with Ansible
  16. Ansible Collections
  17. More Advanced Topics, Hints and Best practices ( Dynamic Inventory with AWS, … etc.)
  18. Capstone Project (with Go Lang, React Js and MongoDB)



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