Extrem Secure Docker Image For Nginx — Kubernetets Hardening

There are a lot of ways to secure a container image for runtime :

  1. Inherit from a distroless image base

I search on a Nginx image that complies with these criteria,

I found 2 images however .. :

  • docker.io/kyos0109/nginx-distroless : which focus only on the 1st way.

As consequence, I built a new image which leverages these two images and applies all security ways.

Then, the image has been created and you can use it :

docker pull abdennour/nginx-distroless-unprivileged:1.18

The user guide is available also. You can find there documentation and some examples about how to use the image, how to spin off containers out of it and how to extend it.

Happy hardening !

Happy kubing!



Software engineer, Cloud Architect, 5/5 AWS|GCP|PSM Certified, Owner of kubernetes.tn

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