Helmfile vs Ansible

Abdennour Toumi
1 min readMar 18, 2020


In order to organize your Helm charts, there are actually two options:

  • Either using Ansible playbooks
  • Or Helmfile

Both of them are idempotent. An operation is idempotent when the result of running it once is the same result of running it one thousand.

Also, both support templating: Ansible uses Jinja2 language , while Helmfile use Go templates.

For the time being, the main difference is the support of helm3: Helmfile supports both while Ansible supports only helm2 module.

Last not least, Ansible can be used in production without worries , however, Helmfile is still in Beta releases and we need to use it carefully.

In my EKS course, I explained how to install helmfile and how to migrate the operation of Helm charts from adhoc commands to “helmfile apply”.




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