aws-iam-authenticator is the Old Way

Abdennour Toumi
1 min readNov 10, 2019

Since Sep 4 2019, the aws eks get-token command, available in AWS-CLI version 1.16.232 or greater of the AWS CLI, is alternative of :

aws-iam-authenticator token

This means, if you’ve already installed :

  • kubectl
  • aws CLI
  • aws-iam-authenticator

You should keep kubectl and aws-cli , but you can get rid off the 3rd aws-iam-authenticator


Run in Container

The docker image “abdennour/kubectl” has two streams :

  • kubectl only ( current last version : v1.14.7)
  • kubectl combined with aws CLI ( current last version : v1.14.7-aws1.16.277)
# docker-compose sampleservices:
image: abdennour/kubectl:v1.14.7-aws1.16.277
- .:/code
- aws-creds:/root/.aws:ro
restart: "no"
entrypoint: kubectl
AWS_PROFILE: myawsprofile
KUBECONFIG: /code/mykubeconfig

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