Lessons from DevOps Leadership Training

The last month, I attended DevOps Foundation & Leadership training.

While I am glad about passing both exams ( Foundation & Leadership ), I am delighted more about lessons that I concluded from training.

It’s worth to mention My funny 😅story with DevOps before mentioning these lessons.

Indeed, I worked within a DevOps environment since 2016 with Polish vendors: namely The-Software-House.

That time, I didn’t know even the terminology “DevOps” 😁 even though I was working in an aggressive DevOps environment.

One day ( in 2016), I sent a message in the Slack channel to the development team of Poland saying :

“I will be assisting you to deploy your apps on AWS and provisioning the required AWS infra”. or something like this.

The COO of the The-Software-House , Tomasz Janiczek, replied back

“So you are our DevOps engineer”.

I interpreted the word that time as two chunks :

  • Dev” since I was developing amazing frontend apps using React,

After 3 years and specially the last month, I decided to attend the DevOps Leadership Training.

I was convinced that I will learn new things , namely, mapping new terminologies/lessons with my past DevOps practices and experience :

  • In Bureaucratic culture, managers meet together to make decisions without involving teams (implementers) at an earlier stages.

— — 1. Prepare for Change : Value Stream Mapping

— — 2. Manage the Change: Pilot

— — 3. Reinforce the Change: Rollout

  • The first step in a successful DevOps transformation is VSM.
DevOps Leader Certificate



Software engineer, Cloud Architect, 5/5 AWS|GCP|PSM Certified, Owner of kubernetes.tn

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