No need to Claim Credits! Codify your Work & let’s GIT Talk

  • Author name
  • Date/time
  • Description
  • change Delta (diff)
Example — Git commits in ArgoCD Git Repo

But, What about Operations Work ?

  • installing tools, systems
  • configuration systems
  • Maintain systems — backup/restore/scaling in|out|up|down/… etc
  • and others

Codify Ops work — GitOps

GitOps flow vs Traditional Ops Flow

No Need to Claim Credit ! Let’s GIT Talk

GitOps in Action

  • you want to implement new enhancement (optimize Build of Tech X)
  • A task has been transfered from your project backlog to your sprint backlog.
  • Identify the Git Repos where to make the change & codify this enhancement. In this example, you will touch 4 git repos..
  • Make the change in a feature branches, create pull-requests, and let your team review your work/your code.
  • As soon as the Code is merged, pipeline(s) will be triggered to deploy that change to the write system
  • Task is resolved in your issue management system (i.e. JIRA)..



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Abdennour Toumi


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