Practical DevOps Learning Path — from where should i start ?

I spent more than 8 years retenlessly working between software development, Cloud Operations, Release Engineering then Architecting. People are thirsty to see DevOps at the ground. I let our directors / VPs breathe with me “DevOps”, not just to talk about it… i am here to share the whole experience practically

1. Thu Shalt be a software developer guided by software engineering principles

It was a hands-on mission which took 6 Years of My career (2012–2018). Still applying that now, but my in-house software is now built to ship operational knowledges more than being an end-user apps

2. Thu Shalt use Linux Systems as a BOSS

3. Thu Shalt jump into Public Cloud

4. Thu Shalt eat 🍽 Container Technologies

5. Thu Shalt develop Software with CBD in mind

6. Thu Shalt Codify Everything

7. Thu Shalt breathe the 10 Commandments of Release Engineering (RELENG)

8. Thu Shalt adopt Pipeline Theory for your software delivery:

9. Thu Shalt apply Pipelines not only for your Apps but also for its Infra

10. Thu Shalt taste Deployment STRATEGIES as Sweets

11. Thru Shalt Gather Accurate Feedback about what you deliver

12. Thu Shalt scale by services not by people

13. Thu shalt ship all your Operational Knowledge into a Software

14. Thu Shalt adopt SRE to connect all these principles

15. Thu Shalt Go Crazy

16. Thu Shalt Practice or figure out ways to Practice

17. Thu Shalt Never Stop Learning

18. Thu Shalt use the right Tech in the Right Context

19. Thu Shalt Think Big

Question : What’s the relationship between the word “DevOps” and these 18 points ? 😆😆😆

Answer: Simply! XyzOps means “Operate with Xyz” . DevOps means “Operate with Software Development” Does that make sense ?

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